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Discover and hire from 750,000+ diverse candidates across the creative and tech industries. 68% of members on The Dots identify as women, 31% minority ethnic and 16% LGBT+.

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It’s completely free to post paid internship roles on The Dots. It’s also free for charities to hire via The Dots, at our discretion. Please get in touch for more information.

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We offer tailored job packages and subscriptions to suit larger hiring needs for your business. Please get in touch to find out more.

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Diversity is better for business

Diversity is a proven driver of innovation, creativity and better business outcomes. The Dots’ algorithm is based on positivity and kindness and is recognised as a welcome alternative to existing professional community platforms. The result has been strong uptake by underrepresented demographics. 68% of the community are women, 31% minority ethnic and 16% LGBT+.

A collection of user photos showcasing the diverse community that use The Dots
The Dots has been a life line for recruiting great talent within the creative industries across Soho House.
Jade ColesSoho House Group
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We work with the most innovative businesses across the creative and tech industries. Here’s a selection of brands who have successfully hired talent on The Dots.