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Diversity matters

Diverse workplaces lead to better creative outcomes. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our talent pool across gender, LGBT+ & BAME candidates.

  • “The Dots has proved a great platform to discover diverse, ambitious, and often unsung talent”.
  • “I’m am repeatedly blown away by the talent I meet and the ease with which I am able to connect. The-Dots has a canny knack of sparking connections that last because they really do understand what makes us all tick.”
  • “The Dots has been a life line for recruiting great talent within the creative industries across soho house.“
  • "As an employer focused on innovation it’s vital I can talk and engage with the millennial generation and not only for me to find great talent but for the talent to find me too."
  • “We have experimented on almost every channel imaginable, but seem to consistently get more quality responses quickly through the Dots.”
  • Sam Kelly

    Managing Director, AKQA
  • Karen Boswell

    Interactive Lead, Adam & Eve DDB
  • Jade Coles

    Soho House Group
  • Lee Schuneman

    CEO Microsoft Lift
  • Joel Kitzmiller

    Executive Creative Director, VICE

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