2020, what a year! What have been your successes?

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a unique year. We've all made changes to our work and lives, because of the global pandemic.

However, we'd like to look back on 2020 through the lens of success and ask you...

What are the successes you've had this year? And the challenges you've had to overcome to achieve it.

Often in life, we forget to take a moment to look back. So we'd like to do this with you right now, and recognise the awesome things that have come out of this year.



  • @Ross McClure thanks so much! Congratulations on setting up your company! It’s brilliant to hear that in only a few months in you’re already smashing it outta the park :)
    Love your passion project too. It’s wonderful when we are able to do the things that fill us with such joy. Here’s to more of these in 2021!
  • Great idea to get people to celebrate the good rather than focus on the bad after this year. Congrats to everyone and their successes!

    I'm very lucky to have been able to set up a production company called Magic Eye - www.magiceye.ltd - which is only a few months old but already we've produced a number of campaigns and digital content for brands.

    In addition, during the summer I managed to shoot a passion project of mine - a new comedic short film - which I'm currently in pre production on. It's been a source of enjoyment and I can't wait to share it with people.

    Looking forward to 2021 as a result so counting my blessings!
  • AMAZING @Axel Haudiquet, excellent to hear, and super congratulations on your success! Such an accomplishment, especially also being self funded. Huge kudos to you! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We are looking forward to checking out your documentary :) x
  • My 2020 success has been to (finaly) release a documentary about Pacific Rugby.
    Totally self funded.
    3 years of work.
    Front page of Amazon Prime video within a couple of days.
    And it is making a bit of a stir in the rugby world at the moment!
    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/detail/B08NJY5CFP/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r #oceansapartfilm
  • Super congratulations, @Alister Shapley this is absolutely brilliant! Lovely to hear you got the opportunity to collaborate with an old friend and create something meaningful. Working with people we admire, doesnt feel so much like work. Here's to more of those opportunities! Thanks so much for sharing your success :)
  • It's nice to read so many successes in what is a very turbulent year. One of mine was to finally work with an old friend of mine who I've admired for so long. We've always wanted to work on a project together and this year we got the chance. The project was printed publication adding another voice into the discord around affordable housing. It was printed in July and has now been released digitally on Future Architecture Library. If anyones interested you can find it here – https://futurearchitecturelibrary.org/book/dostupne-spekulace/
  • @Lauren Garden brilliant to hear things are looking up over the last few weeks. And long may your upwards trajectory continue! Congratulations on your conditional offer for your new job - super exciting. We wish you all the very best of luck with it. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • This is wonderful, @Greta Beccarello. Huge kudos to you for taking the brave leap and enjoying the journey into freelance :) This is where the magic happens in life for sure. Thank you so much for sharing x
  • Whoop whoop @Evan Brown, this is excellent to hear! Congratulations on your wins, very exciting indeed, and the very best of luck for your third. Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant successes :) Here's to many more.
  • Thanks so much @Salim Abid :) Brilliant to hear you've rediscovered your enthusiam and shifted your mindset too. When we do things that energise us, the energy can just flow. Its amazing the difference a change of perspective can bring. Thank you for sharing this.
  • Love this post, Such a positive perspective.

    I have rediscovered my enthusiasm for working proactively in my part time job, Stopped seeing things as problems and started seeing them as opportunities! : )
  • Published a cookbook. Pitched and won two pieces of new business for two different companies. (Workig on a third at the moment) and learned how not to lose my mind for the sake of my wife and daughter.
  • This is so so great, am literally writing about this, we so often don't give credit to ourselves for how much we have changed or the things we have done.

    2020 has been ... everything! My biggest achievement and pride thus far has been moving from a FT job to Freelance, and despite the econimical/political instability, I have not regret it and I can't wait to continue! Challenges ... loads but I also feel like it's time to move on! :)
  • I have learnt so much about myself, got a diagnosis that has opened up a wide number of options to me I never had before. Most of 2020 has been rubbish in terms of my relationship with my partner, but it has been looking up over the past 2-3 weeks so fingers crossed! And have also received a conditional offer for a new job.... It has all become a bit better in the last half of the year :)
  • @Akvile Les this is incredible! And very exciting indeed. Huge congratulations for achieving this success this year. Your collaborations sound super cool. It’s wonderful to hear your success, thank you so much for sharing x
  • I've finally taken steps to work on creative collaborations. In December, I'm launching my first ever fashion collection - I've collaborated with a NYC based slow fashion brand and created hand-painted symbols with lipsticks, which were turned into patterns. The collection of t-shirts, swimwear, and accessories was inspired by post-pandemic optimism, change, and new world. And it will features many illustrated symbols - bees, crowns, candy - depicting hope, community, and joy. :)
  • @Claire Koryczan not long after typing that I had my first repeat booking. Made me feel pretty damn good I tell you. It’s one thing being paid to do what you love. It’s another for people to come back and want to pay you again.
  • @Denis Robinson huge admiration to you for stepping down from a big permanent role. It takes bravery and courage to do this. Its great to hear your inspiration and study has come together to create something new and fulfilling - and this makes you feel good about the future. Amen to that! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. :)

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