A heads up for other illustrators. Scam alert.

I did a one hour Zoom call with one Mithun Mohan from a company called Denizns in Milton Keynes. During the call he hired me to do some designs. He told me during the interview that his company doesn't like to spend much on art and prefers to spend it on a flash space and dinner with clients. I guess that should have been a warning to scatter. A few days later I start sending him designs. No response. Eventually he got back to me and he told me the drawings were amazing but he'd chosen a new direction and to invoice him. I did forward an invoice but there hasn't been a word since. This guy is going around collecting up design work and not paying for it. Avoid at all cost.


  • @Scarlett Anderson I tell you it's nuts. Scamming artists is pretty low. Sice the start of this year it has been a rough ride. I even got one classic dude on Instagram that wanted to commission a print. He wanted to send me the dough first but he tells me that his secretary filled out the cheque wrong and now he can't change it. So he wants to send me the cheque for 1500 dollars and I'm supposed to send him back the 1350 overpayment! I told Insta about it and they didn't even bother to respond and I see the person is still out there trying to scam people. If the platforms won't offer some protection or some way of vetting out the grifters then their days of viability are numbered. Anyhow, the dude I mentoned above was using Behance to perform his scams.

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