About to have my first pandemic remote commercial shoot. Need your best tips for managing/giving it your all! <3


  • @Rémi Lefèvre Thanks for sharing! Ours was a one day shoot and we had exactly one hour off as we were shooting multiple :06's for social and were under a time crunch. Thakfully everything was super simple in terms of shots; the worst part was the time. Thhey were shooting on the east coast and I'm on the west coast so my call time was at 5am. Supervised edits start next week, and I think that will be even simpler.

  • Hi Evan and sorry for the delay, you may have had the shoot already! We've done a couple of these already for our hotels and we've found a few useful things (would love to hear yours back!):
    - keep comms transparent: allow the remote team to see the screen of the main latpop used to see photos / videos shot at all times, and make sure you also are in video call with someone on site with a mobile device to be able to check angles, reco more easily... etc. You can also use a software like Teams that allows for you to take control of that machine if need be (which we used to remotely share colour treatment examples or single out parts of shots)
    - be patient: it can be quite taxing on both the on-site and remote team to keep thinking of the other side, so make sure you keep encouraging the on-site team and be patient with the glitches
    - break often: it's better to break often for 10 minutes every hour for instance, rather than do the usual bigger breaks - it keeps everyone fresher
    - do regular reviews of what's been done so far: that would happen naturally in a normal shoot, but is easy to miss in a remote one, so better to shcedule them in to avoid any costly mishaps later ("forgot that angle" or "didn't see that crease" - happens a lot in hotel shoots ;) ).

    Hope it helps (in the future at least!)


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