Advice on how to find a mentor?

I feel I’ve gotten as far as I can on my own and need more guidance on how to go further in my career.

I also feel that I need to perhaps choose a more definitive specialty, currently I do illustration, animation, logos, film production, 3D renders, but I would like to figure out what direction to go in. The way I’m looking at it is that by dabbling in all these areas I’ve just been gaining experience but perhaps I’m stretched too thin?

I think my strength is in illustration so perhaps a folio review is in order.

This might be long winded but basically, how do I get a mentor, and generally find a way to make a sustainable living from my practice?


  • Register on, there are a wide range of mentors there and you can get matched with one as well
  • Hi Astrid,
    Do you know Ladies Wine & Design? It's a great organization for helping young creatives and on their Facebook page there is a mentoring section where you can connect with other creatives. I personally used their mentorship programme and I had regular meetings with my mentor that were helpful for my carrer development.
  • @Pip Jamieson this is really useful, thank you - going to watch today.
    I’m wondering if anyone knows of any services support interior design graduates, or older people who have switched careers? Older sounds so uncomfortable!! I mean people 40+
  • Hi @Astrid MacDougall - As luck would have it I hosted a webinar on this very topic recently, you can watch the recording here:

    I'm also hosting a 'Getting started with The Dots' webinar in a couple of weeks, which includes a section on connecting with meotrs via The Dots. You can RSVP:

    Hopefully that helps :-)

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