All my freelance projects have been cancelled or postponed so I've managed to finish my web. Feedback is welcome! Thx


  • Hey, just looked over it quickly. Really like it though, easy to navigate and engaging. On the bottom, I would reconsider linking to Instagram if you are going to keep your account private, as I don't know what purpose that serves for the user. Also it is LinkedIn, I think you have Linkedin. Hope that helps.
  • I think it looks really sleek, is super straight forward to navigate through and looks great.

    I know it's been mentioned already but the only thing I could critique is the huge space at the bottom of the page, especially when you make the width of your browser smaller!

    Perhaps I'd also give 'Let's work together' a bit more breathing space from the project thumbnails too.

    Other than that it's great!
  • Hey, you have a really nice and minimalist design which makes it really easy to navigate.

    A few thing though, is just after your projects theres a huge gap of pink space.

    Your project pages haven't been optimised for certain screen sizes, so you end up being able to scroll right to get the rest of the image you are trying to display.

    Good website though :)

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