Any advice on getting runner jobs without any experience?


  • Hey Kevin,

    Hopefully I can add a few things to the advice already given.

    The beauty of the runner position is that you don't need any experience - you do, however, need to build your contacts and get your name in front of people in the same way that any freelance crew would.

    I got my first ever running gig through a producer I met in a pub, and one of the best trainees I've ever had I met on the train! You need to be constantly looking for ways on set.

    Many production teams like to jump from job-to-job together, so getting yourself in with a good team, that you gel with, is a great way to get regular work and experience. Equally, try to work with a few different teams so you're not learning any bad habits!

    The next bit is the reality of the position, and I'll be honest it's something that needs to change about the industry, but for now: you'll need to be willing to work hard, over long hours, for very little reward - really treat this time as an opportunity to meet people and learn new skills. Gaining set-etiquette is important here, and also helping and befriending people from different departments.

    Do not become a super-runner! It's a fine balance, but you want to be a great person to have on set, not just a great runner.

    Finally, my only bit of negative advice I hope - in this time, when so many people are concerned about COVID-19 and it's effect on work and the industry, I would just warn that entry-level, on set positions are going to be tricky right now. Productions are working remotely, and more experienced creatives are having to manage a lot of their workflow on thier own, without support from larger teams.

    Stick it out though, and use this time to see which production teams you'd like to contact, who's making the kind of work you want to be involved in - this will eventually end and you want to be prepared to pounce on opportunities.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Kevin, you should have a look at the Runner Pool with the BBC. They open it up once a year and you can apply. Once on that they call you up when for numerous jobs... you can get in the back door a bit if you can manage to get on to the work experience placement and once on and they like you/work hard they can put you on to it that way.
  • just apply to positions. its basically the lowest paid and lowest position you can get.. they can’t request anything as there is no money and its not a great job!
  • Post production places are always busy and a good place to start that's not on set. If you want to be a runner in production. I'd make a list of those like MPC, The Mill or Untold (like UNTOLD). Get hold of their talent manager, stalk their production assistants. Ask for a look about, get what's going on. Apply.
  • Hey Kevin :) I'd reccommend browsing the Dots/ LinkedIn for producers that work at some of your fav agencies or companies then just send them an email saying you're really keen to get some experience and would love to help out on their next shoot/ film. There's also this website ( ) where they regularly post runner jobs on set for you to browse and maybe sign up for their newsletter. Good luck! :)

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