Any advice on how to plan / write MVs or short concept films? I have knowledge in film but I take there's some slight difference?

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  • I've made over 150 music videos and a load of film art — generally if the treatment is just for you and the band / crew then you are looking at a series of layers / themes that will work with the music but can be cut in a number of ways — like docs (you can't script documentaries) you have to be open the vibe on set. Then when in the suite I treat the elements like music and start to work with them in a musical way. If it's for a record co then like any treatment a strong log-line, a bit of contextual detail but a bit heavier on the visual treatment side and also some technical stuff if you are doing any tricks like projections, super slo-mo etc so they can see that it's doable by you. Video art is a movable feast, sometimes simple, sometimes deep in art-speak, who knows what works for a curator / commissioner (usually depends on a personal relationship).
  • Check the treatments/pitches for the music videos on:
    watch the music videos too to see how they differ.
    for planning, find a good producer, or I would advise you read "Producer to Producer" by Maureen A Ryan.

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