Any advice when a potential dream client runs super hot, then goes cold and silent? Do I keep emailing or is this annoying & desperate?

Is there another, more creative way to get a conversation started again or at least find out why she has ghosted me!!!? She is still at the agency in question.


  • If you desperately beg for someone to pay attention to you, you will end up blocked. Then all you’ve done is become another spammer trying to claw your way into someone’s inbox. Don't be desperate
    Two important rules of follow up are: One - If you've never met this person before don't follow up more than 6 times and Second - don't guilt the other person even if they don't respond immediately.

  • In my experience there is usually a good reason for this, and i think persistant emailing with no answer can be... welll.. annoying...

    personally I feel it's good to leave it for a little while, appreciate that you're not the only thing on their to do list and try again later on. People often come back and rarelty completely drop off
  • This seems to happen a lot, and it's inccredibly frustrating, and hard not to take personally. The reality is that it's nothing to do with youu, or your work, but something internal on their part. So hold tight, and nove on to the next thing, they may get in touch again, they may not. That's the brutal reality of project work...
  • Your response depends on if you have shared your time, thoughts, and creative direction with said prospect FOC. If you have, then you have every right to ask if the project is alive or dead or. You do not need to be, nor should you have to be creative about this. However, if they have paid for exploratory work – then let them dictate when they get back to you.
  • Hi Nicky,

    That's current trend in industry. Market is very soft in recent years. It will decline even more... I have it on daily basisc at present : )

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