Any Creatives fancy ripping my reel apart? Would love to know what you think? What makes you pick directors for your scripts?


  • Yeah I totally agree, I just wanted to make sure that was what it was meant to link to :)

    I think you have a really cohesive style of telling a narrative which is lighthearted and fun but fully developed rather than just skimming the surfance or just repeating the same joke which I really like.

    Personally though, I think the order of the films on there is wrong.

    I think you should lead with the most wholly fulfilled concepts, like the Virgin Trains Final Whistle, Sexy Vulva, Easter Gold then HP Socials.
    I think these films show the most layers of your style, and although the others show aspects of it, I personally didn't think they had quite the same flare and if I were clicking through quickly, I might be distracted by them.

    I'd also add in the brands, you have Virgin Trains on there, but consider adding UKTV Gold to the titles.

    If it's possible, maybe it's worth removing the dates from beneath the videos, I found it a bit distracting. As I don't know when these were released it could look like you're either really busy or that you haven't worked in a couple of years, just a detail which if I'm clicking through I shouldn't have to be considering.

    These are just my (possibly a bit harsh) thoughts, I'm just a DP and not a writer, producer or agent so others' thoughts may be more valid.

  • The link currently sends me to a portfolio page, is this right? Or is it supposed to link to a reel which has been cut together montage style?
  • I would re-edit it to be more dynamic - this one is a little slow and repetitive, overall I like the concept & material though. Would also improve the quality of the ice cream animation.

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