Any creatives here who work remotely?

  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator


  • Oana, I'm London based and mainly work remotely with my clients. Many are in the UK but I also work with clients based in Australia & Sweden. We connect frequently on Skype or Zoom. It works for us!
  • Creativity demands its own space and remote work expands my horizons i hate narrowed space with group of people i dont feel any empathy or connection is a distractor. Future is remote work
  • Hello, Yes, I'm doing remotely with Start-up team based in Australia and Philippine branding team.

    My role, to provide branding prototype, concept-making, management of the project as director.

    And now my most effort put into trying to expand my network Europe.

    It's not client work, not agent work, just wanna do self-work for our social issues, such as global climate, immigrant, racism etc.

    I truly believe what creativity can forsee a new perspective for these.

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