Any suggestions on how to get out of a confidence dip?

Currently dealing with a Crisis of Creative Confidence which is seriously impacting my work (especially my written work).


  • Surround yourself with honest & truly positive individuals who really know & believe in you :)
  • Really recommend this podcast - - there's an epsiode or two that focus on confidence/finding confidence
  • Some ace responses there, I would say get off social media (not sure if you spend much time on it?!) but if you do, take time out, get outside, walk, exercise, hula hoop or whatever you enjoy. Give yourself some space for ideas and clarity.
    Get a notepad, doodle or whatever is relevant. Write for fun (I found a great piece in amagazine recently about writing mini stories (I'll try and find and link)
    A file of great feedback or similar.
    Get involved/chat in person/
    Eat good food, fuel yourself, drink some water and hopefully you'll come back brighter/new zest! :)
  • Firstly, feel proud of yourself, because is not easy to admit that one is going through a confidence dip. I completely relate to this, what I tend to do is give more time to things that make me happy (something that doesn't bring stress or pressure). Give myself small tasks to complete or go to places that inspire me and help me reconnect with my innerself.
  • I go spend time with the 'cheerleaders' in my friends network.

    Who are the type of people who when you leave them, always leave you feel better about yourself. You know... those 'irritatingly positive' people you love to spend time with.

    We all need 'cheerleaders' in our lives...
  • Weird suggestion based on nothing but personal experience but when I'm low on confidence I go big on admin. I take care of all the tiny details of big projects I can't think about. Calendars, schedules, files, email clear outs - tiny wins that nobody sees but you, and it often helps.

  • Make a list of all the good stuff you've done, stop comparing yourself to others, find something about you that is unique and add value to your work. I'm sure there's one :)
  • Without knowing what's caused it it's hard to advise. You don't want a quick fix which only gives you a brief boost.... it would be good to know what has caused the confidence dip and to take a fresh view on it and reframe what happened.
  • This isn't a short term fix, but something I've started doing is keeping a log of all my "wins" and good news (just screenshots on a Pinterest board, have seen others who write them down, save them in a folder or put them on slips of paper in a jar to read at the end of the year). If I ever feel a bit blah or imposter syndrome-y I look over it and talk myself up. I've also started to focus a lot more on saving things that inspire me and making sure I write ideas down as they happen, even if I feel like they need a lot of work.
  • Ah, sorry to hear this Poppy. There was lots of really good advice and informative responses to a similar issue a while bak, a really good thread…

    Hoping the fog lifts soon :)
  • This is easier said than done, of course, but I find that *objectively* looking back at projects I've worked on in the past -- projects that I felt good about or proud of when they were completed -- can be a good way to shake myself out of those occasional periods of low confidence or self-doubt. Hope that helps.

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