Any tips for how to work for small agencies as an amateur model or collaborate with photographers?

Hi! I’d love to get into smaller editorial or model projects with a small agency - and would appreciate any tips on how to start small and get gigs. Thank You!


  • Not sure if this is the kind of advice you're looking for BUT, Build a social media presence on Instagram that acts as your modeling portfolio and do a lot of free shoots with aspiring photographers and creatives looking for models.

    To expand:

    Getting into an agency is obvious, so saying it is redundant - what people miss is content and the willingness to work with others.

    If there's one thing I believe a lot of my aspiring modeling Fashion & Beauty friends seem to miss, it's that if you want to be the model you need images that show you know how to be a model. Classic cases of Showing not Telling and being a model is all SHOW.

    Look at some of the biggest, popular & breakout models out there: Instagram is the portfolio. You can instantly show everything you've have done from yesterday all the way back to development stages.

    And secondly, find fellow photographers & creatives at similar stages as you looking to work with models and create with them. Free or paid, doesn't matter; what matters is good work.

    Have a look at Elite Model Website and go to the Development Section. look at what the younger/up and coming models are doing and mimic it or do it better.

    Good luck with it.
    Remember Content is King.

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