Any tips on the best entry-level video cameras and best video editing software?


  • @Josha Eiffel Thanks, what would you say are the main differences between Final Cut Por and Premier Pro?
  • If you can afford it, black magic pocket cinema camera 4K.

    Use premiere pro.
  • Hey, Panasonic G7 is amazing entry-level camera. Shoots 4K and is super light. For a software start with iMovie and then learn Premiere pro or Final Cut Pro!
  • Hi Asher, you can't go wrong with a Canon DSLR, have a good search depeming on what you're gonna be shooting and your price range. Lenses wise, a good 50mm is versatile always nice to have a longer range as well if you need it.
    As far as editing software, Adobe is the best in class without a doubt. If you ever need any help with editing process or on projects, drop me a message and we can work together if you're ever interested.

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