Anyone know a good co-working space that will help inspire creativity in London?


  • Actually yes, the Tate Modern is a very valid recommendation. I'm often there myself :)
    Unfortunately not every seat has a socket nearby but you'll figure the floorplan pretty soon :D
  • Become a member of the Tate Modern and you can use their Members area to work whenever you want. At £90 a year, by far the most cost effective co-working space in London. And when you need inspiration, you have up to 10 floors of art to keep you occupied
  • I was hired by the wing recently to put on some events so have been spending time and there and have been genuinely impressed with how women collaborate and skill up there, it's very dynamic. I also have done some stuff with Huckletree and really like what they are doing, also if you don't want to pay for a desk you can pay per visit if you hire a room for an hour, I'm doing that as I live outside London.
  • I think that if you're stuck in the same place for a while, even a coworking space, your creativity might eventually start to fade.
    I try to change environment as much as I can (it helps that I travel a lot) and this actually boosts my creativity. So maybe find different spaces to work rather than one office.

    I use a service called AndCo to book different spaces around London. They're mostly in cafés (where you might get free coffee) but some really feel like creative offices and have meeting rooms as well.
    The best part? It's £20/month or £99/year!

    My affiliate link will give you a month free to try it:
  • hello Monette! I know Tiger Studios, a good rehearsal place in London unlike other places.
    Its a great place to create!

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