Anyone know how a young creative can get into set design in the music industry??

Trying to find a route into the dream job... could use some advice from someone older and wiser!


  • Something that worked for me trully well to set the foot on ground was to offer my work for free.

    As important as being good at something is to create relationships with the people from the industry you want to be in.
  • Hey Amber,

    I'd recommend trying to get set design work outside of the music industry, as it might be easier to find entry level gigs (especially assistant and freelance roles) in areas like fringe theatre, circus, cabaret, special events and the like. People in the music industry are always looking for new talent to bring outside ideas and experience into their world – so could be a good way to build your portfolio while making yourself more attractive to the music biz.
  • I am guessing how it works is, you need to start at the bottom and offer help to seasoned set designers first and if you are lucky enough to find one who gets on with you and keeps you as their full time assistant eventually they will pass some work onto you and you'll also have a great opportunity to network with professionals who are not that easily found on internet. I've worked with few set designers on photo shoots and most of them had an assistant with them...
    hope that helps a litlle bit

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