Anyone know how I can establish a career in design & art. I've experienced different sectors, but now I want to focus on my creativity

I am experienced in different fields such as marketing, design, art, communications, education and volunteering. I love learning and transforming information in to visuals to build understanding in people. I've now realised that being resilient, hands on, creative and working with people are my strengths.

Being a practical and creative person who is willing to learn, I now want to develop my career in the creative sector as I've realised it's a part of me.

Thank you for the help :)


  • build a portfolio of work you want to produce, then when you have built a portfolio reflecting your interests try apply for internships seek out mentors for feedback impliment their feedback then build relationships with people who may help you get an opportunity to intern. then work yuor ass off
  • Depending on whether you’re in a job at the moment that you can transform or looking for a new start, you have a few different moves.

    If you’re in a job, start sharing your creative skills and offer, with others - opening the door to working with you creatively. A showcase or a presentation about how you can help people creatively helps invite people to work with you in this way.

    Alternatively, if you plan on starting anew, its often best to start by contacting people you know and offering to work for them to build a portfolio of work to then show to new people you meet.

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