Anyone know of any folklore/dark arts looking for contributors? Either illustration or zine area


  • Thank you so much for this @Robyn Sian Cusworth !! and @Astrid MacDougall I will definitely be contacting you about the Zine Making !!
  • Hey Sinead!

    It's not neccessarily 'folklore' but the Polyester magazine often discuss ideas surrounding and comission imagery that touches upon sub cultures, witchcraft, sisterhood, tarot, horror.

    It could be worth reaching out to Ione, their founder, (who has a Dots profile) to see if you could join their roster of illustrators?

    Also this URL may have some good leads of project owners to reach out to, to collaborate with!

    Hope this helps,

  • Hey Sinead!

    I’ve just announced today I’m gonna be making a zine for mid December under the theme “hazy days”, and I’m looking for contributors of all types of media (poems, illustrations, stories, collage, playlists, anything really), and you’re welcome to contribute if you like!

    It’s going to be a free zine available though issuu, so I won’t be paying contributors, but it’s just a fun wee project and I’m excited to see what work comes forward.

    To get more info check out my instagram or email me at!

    Hope to hear from you soon! ✨

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