Anyone know where to go for good Plug Ins to use in Ableton?


  • Perhaps first you should decide what result you want to get, the goal ? Then you can easily pick up your tools. The tools built into live are quite enough for most tasks. Don't waste your time, set a goal )
  • @Kid Circus I think i'd start with synth plug ins but once i start building on those projects and particularly inseriting my voice then i'll move onto manipulation.
  • @Kim Buttery Thanks so much for the extensive reply! I'm really trying to work on my sound, so playing around with different sounds is what i need right now :)
  • Creative midi and audio devices for audio,sound design, music, anything! -

    Free packs and sounds, devices -

    Free impulse responses for convolution reverb -

    Free instruments from spitfire audio - (pianos,wurlitzers etc.)

    Free 'Vintage' Drum machines -

    Free Kontakt player (opens up a bunch of third party sample libaries! including labs above!) -

    Then for legitimate purchasing of 'traditional' audio plugins you've got places like

    - (filtered to show free from loads of companies!)
    - (free)

    - - loads of stuff in there!
  • Agreed, it depends on what aspect of sound you want to work on. For instance do you do synth chords and want synth plugins or recreations of classic synthesisers? Or do you want compression plugins that enable you to manipulate the dynamic a of certain sounds, such as vocals or drums ?

    Pluginboutique is decent for deals and free stuff.

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