Anyone that knows his/her way with Squarespace websites? I'm looking for a tip on a tiny issue

This is my website:

If you see when you open it, on the home page, right on the top of the tab the page title is Services 2.
I am looking all over my Squarespace on how to change that but can't find anything actually. It's strange cause I have changed that part of the website on the other pages and it works fine. It doesn't seem to work on the home page. Any advice would be more than welcome, cause it bothers me a lot haha.


  • Hi John, here is the squarespace support article for this - . Feel free to give me a message or send an email at if you need any further help!
  • Thanks Me Later

    In the Home Menu, click Design, then click Logo & Title. (You can also hover over the title text on any page and click Edit).
    In the Site Title field, enter a site title

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