Anyone that works within music video production?

Really interested in getting in to music video production but don't know exactly where to start.

I'm a Graduate fine artist specialising in moving image.
Would really like to get a start in Art Direction or videography.
I understand its mainly about contacts and working up a solid portfolio but I'm interested to know exactly whats the best way of going about it!
Any advice at all would be much appreciated.

One of my last film examples -


  • Hey Matt, I am a videographer I can tell you about my experience maybe it helps. At the very beginning I tried to get as much experience as possible, realizing videos for friends, charities, art festivals, contests etc with low/no budget. Video after video I fixed my mistakes, I improved my skills learning how to be more precise, how to compose better images, how to deal with clients etc. When you have enough good quality videos make a showreel and show it to your new potential customers. From there you start to build your network :)
    Hope it helped!

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