Anyone willing to comment or give me feedback on my portfolio?

I feel like my direction as a creator isn’t so clear from the outside. I think I would really benefit from feedback given by an external and possibly unbiased eye.
Thanks a lot on advance to whoever will want to spend some time browsing through my stuff...



  • @Sophia Sharpley Thanks a lot that’s a very helpful and precise feedback. I’ll definitely look into re wording those bits.

  • Hi,

    I really loved your site. It's fun to navigate and the layout is very engaging.

    I didn't spend very long on it, but from the time I did, the only two critiques I have are: the writing on Motion sounds a bit negative. I understand you are trying to sell yourself as a photographer and they are different mediums, but I wondered if there is a way to reword it, so that if people do want to hire you to do both they aren't put off by that paragraph? Also, I really liked your info extract, it was fun and showed your personality. Although, the final line about getting in touch could be a bit more engaging, really encouraging the reader to send you an email, rather than being passive about it.

    Hope that helps.

  • @John McLean thank you so much for your feedback. And yes, my studio stuff currently
    sits in a limbo because i don’t know what and how to display it. It doesn’t feel very coherent with everything else and i feel its also really easy to lose clarity when it comes to objectively critiquing our own work.
  • Hi Enrico, just took a looksee. I really liked your Brighton vid - i'd like to see the further adventures of your model! Your site is well laid out and easy to navigate, quick to open too which is good. I'd like to see more studio product work I think but that may not be where you feel your interests lie. The shots in the gym are very evocative, presumably on location. Well done sir!

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