Anyone with experience working and moving abroad? Creative expats

Hi. I've just graduated from Photography and Film and I'm looking forward moving abroad. Although I did four internships already I feel like I don't have the proper work experience yet and that might make it more difficult to get a job.

For those that have been through that already, what was your experience? Did you move abroad and then applied for jobs or did you do it the other way? It would be helpful to hear from creatives with similar experiences or get any career advice. Thanks!


  • I grew up in the UK, but have lived in NYC for a few years and now currently in Berlin. In the first instance I moved with work, in the second I moved to study and start on my own. If it's your first move, I recommend securing a job first before you move.

    Most importantly, start connecting with people who live in your desired country of choice and go from there. If you want to do it you can, just takes a bit of work and patience.

    Equally important is to have some funds saved. Moving is always more expensive than you think. In the meantime, enjoy the journey, moving to a different country is one of the best adventures life has to offer!
  • Hi Sara

    Both routes are valid.

    I moved to Amsterdam a few years ago. The year before moving I visited the city 3 times, looking for work and having meetings with potential recruiters. However the oppurtunites never materialised.

    I decided plan on B - to save at least 3 months rent, then move to Amsterdam, and find a job once I got there. This route really worked out. I got to know the city in my spare time, meet a diverse range of people and within in 1 month I had a full time job.

    Good luck with your next steps.
  • I worked in Singapore for a year. I found a job before heading out. I had a Skype interview and had two weeks to prepare when I landed. It was a fast way to get into a swing of life and meet people. But it’s a lifestyle choice whether to find one later and explore first.

    I also synced up with friends of friends before I went out there. This was super helpful and an easy way to meet like minded people.

    Enjoy it! Best of luck.
  • Thanks for the advices! I think the best for me now would be to take some time to improve my german and work on my portfolio before moving to Berlin. And once there I'll try to do my best to find a job with my skills, cause I have almost no connections there - so fingers crossed!
  • I am considering moving to Berlin, Germany. I haven't moved abroad but I have found relocation programs and seeking advice from employment agents based in the cities I want to work in.

    It helps to hit the ground running but researching the job you want, the companies you want to work for and the local job market. Once you arm yourself with knowledge you can start to network to increase your chances of getting a job. Get on linkedin and find out who you know already that is in close contact with a photographer or works in a studio in Germany.

    If you have a specific career goal in mind, a local recruiter in Germany can help match your skills to a job over there. I wouldn't rely on them to find the job for you. I've been told by recruiters that having a stronger network can help you go far when you are starting out with entry level experience. If you don't know German, consider learning a little bit to appear competitive. Weather you need to know German is entirely depends on which city you choose to settle in.

    Relocation services can help you settle visas, permits and settling into a flat without dealing with German beuraucracy all on your own. Some of them have links to employment services too. At a cost but totally up to you if you feel you need tha kind of support.
  • Hey Sara,
    In general it's hard to get a job abroad if you're not expieinced enough. But sometimes with an outstanding portfolio you can make your way to here.

    I did it the other way around, I studied Art direction/Visual communication in Germany, After then it was a lot easir to find a job.
  • Hi,

    It's very general "moving abroad" every single country has it's own specific job market, requirements, and the way of job searching and hiring. Eg Switzerland would be totally diferrent to Germany or Danmark, US to Australia etc, etc...

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