Are you...

looking, seeking, demanding, waiting, hoping...


To all on The Dots... my part for now is to deliver unknown or know opportunities to you all.

There is no financial incentive for me, hence why there is always a direct link to the supplier of the role.

If there isn't a link (which is rare, very rare...) it means I am putting together a bespoke suggestion to an organistion that has a role (or roles) that I have identified and I see a great match that the organisation should follow up on / connect with.

Again, there is no financial incentive for me, but looking at the sheer amount of talent and ambition on the Dots... if I can help for a day or a week, a month, I will.

So, if you gain an opportunity through anything I have posted, please do mention The Dots, this should bring advertisers here in the future, thus giving this community the first bite of the cherry and the Dots the well deserved revenue.

Salute to Pip and her team...
This platform may seem long overdue, but for others, it may... have arrived right on time.



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