Are you a Class 2020 graduate? Are you thinking about your next steps? Read below for more information

5 helpful suggestions for the Class of 2020

Firstly, it is a very difficult and challenging time. So, it is important to look after your mental health. It is natural that you may be worrying at this time. Some of you may be experiencing a range of emotions i.e. uncertainty, fear for your future, hopelessness, frustration etc.
Next Steps Support is a great website for recent graduates to promote their well-being and employability. This website has some good online virtual events happening in August 2020 which you can sign up for.
Wednesday the 12th of August at 2 pm
What is resilience and how can graduates and students demonstrate it to employers?
Wednesday the 26th of August 2 pm
Online networking: how students can get ahead in their career after lockdown?
Wednesday the 9th of August 2pm
Online careers fairs: what are they and how can graduates prepare for them?

Secondly, my advice to all Class 2020 graduates is to contact your university’s careers service if you have not already. They will help you with advice and guidance about your next steps. Also, they can help you with CVs, cover letters, job applications etc. They may also have internship and job vacancies as they work with their colleagues i.e. Employment Engagement Officers who work with employers to promote the employability of their students and graduates by sourcing work experience, internships, placements for industry year students and graduate job vacancies. Most universities have excellent career resources too!

Thirdly, I would also advise you to sign up to your Alumni Network you may have to pay a small fee but it is well worth it because they may be able to put you in touch with alumni in the job and or sector you want to work in. They may also have specialist events for alumni e.g. mentoring, networking, volunteering opportunities etc. Also, if you do this your university may still make certain resources available to you e.g. library access, online journals, LinkedIn learning etc.

Fourthly, why not sign up to the Graduate Coach’s ‘How to get a graduate job’ Future Learn course. It only takes 6 hours in total i.e. 2 hours a week. It is free! The link is below!

Fifthly, check out Prospects if you do not already know about it then be sure to visit their website. It gives you impartial career advice, there are jobs and work experience opportunities, information on how to apply to university and information on Postgraduate study. For example, if you are looking to work in a specific job or sector it has very useful information!

Finally, I wish you all every success. Don’t lose hope! Be optimistic! Work hard! Keep trying! Most, importantly though look after yourself and stay safe and well!


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