Are you a creative student? Recent graduate? Or maybe just starting your career off as a freelancer creative and wanting your work featured?

Get in touch with the team at Original Magazine via the email below and share your projects with us. We are always open to submissions and supporting you on that first step.

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  • Dear Original Magazine team, just sent out the email and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to Original Magazine.
  • @Abigail Teklay if you submit your project and visuals as singlular JPEGs please that would be great.
  • @Mickiela Christian thanks for getting in touch. Our emails are currently open for submissions for the forseeable future / throughout summer. Whether you have a project you have ready to spend or currently working on something that you would like to send out in a couple of weeks :)
  • Hey, @Original Magazine is there an official deadline for submissions?
  • @Dee Jobanputra if you send us a submission of a project or body of work to the email address in the post that would be great. We would also like an artist bio and project synopsis to go along with it, including 10-15 visuals.

    The visuals can be final images, BTS content and video footage etc. The more content the better :)

  • @Safia judd if you send us a project or body of work that you would like us to consider via the email address in the post that would be great please :)

  • @Leonard FUNK CAT® Wolf make sure to send your submission to the email address in the post :)

  • Hi there, I would love to be featured you can take a look at my portfolio at


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