Are you working on a cool side project or hustle at the moment?

just a creative temperature check and a chance to get to know each other more...


  • Im currently working on a subversive website as a bit of creative activism and also on a street art project around signs.
  • Just like @Pete Clayton I'm an illustrator learning how to encorporate movement into my pieces using clipstudio ex and aftereffects. I recently did a lyric video which was challenging but a lot of fun to create. Now I'm working towards motion graphics for bands and musicians. Musics a huge love of mine, my goal is to intergrate it full time into my craft.
  • Ha yes!!! Always ☺️ I’m an illustrator and designer by trade but more recently I’ve been learning how to animate, bringing my creations alive using photoshop animation and after effects. Another string to bow and all that

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