Art printing studio/company and printing techniques?

I'm looking for an art printing company or studio.
With the quality of renown art galleries.
Vivid Colors, sustaining materials, etc. Short creation and global delivery times.

Do you have experience in such matters and would like to share it with me?

I'm starting to work for private art sellers and would like to know more about what I am doing.


  • Do you create framed and ready to hang works? I need to have works delivered in less then one week globally. 

    Not sure what to tell you, but this is 3D and 2D works. Full of strongly fluorescent colors and detailed noises, gradients, textures. Lights and shadows included. 

    Im also trying to sort out perfect sizes of works but now tried 24 x 36 inches. Im not sure if its big but sellers like big.
  • Depends what specifically within art? My printers specialises in high-end print for art and indie mags and we've worked with a lot of art galleries including the tate modern. What sorts of prints are you looking for?

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