As a new brand/designer I would like some advise on how to grow a successful business?

And how the F**K do I get seen!!


  • There are some "gurus" that give advice for creative entrepreneurs: The Futur/Chris Do (free YouTube content), Tom Ross (Tom Ross Media), Thad Cox (owner of Thaducation), Michael Janda, etc.... You'll see the circle is quite small as they all follow/interact with each other.
  • I would put your website on your profile to start. So people can see what you sell. No one has time to go around looking for your brand. You could put it in this post as well.
    If you have budget maybe do some gifting or collabs with influencers (micro influencers sometimes bring better results), but be careful to whom you send. Always find people that represent well your brand and would actually buy it.
    Make sure all your social handles are connected.
    As a stylist I'm always looking for designers that I can pull clothes from for clients. I would be interested to have you in my contacts. Let me know if you are interested. Connect with stylist and show them your brand for future collabs.
    You can see my portfolio here
    Ig @manuela_cochat
  • Pursue your career with purpose, don’t concern yourself with how you’re going to reach your goals, leave that to a greater power than yourself, all you have to do is know where you’re going, the answers will come to you on their own accord.
  • That's quite a broad question.

    Some key things I can think of
    - Handle your legal and financial stuff (business structure like a LLC, separate bank account, etc)
    - Research basic marketing, sales, and some social media tactics
    - Network all the time. Talk to friends, family, former co-workers. Look up local events, organizations, chapters, etc so you can go in-person when C19 clears up.
    - Know your target audience VERY clearly and what problem you solve for them. Don't be afraid to niche down - you can always pivot later.

    There are a ton of other tips so if you have a more specific question, lmk

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