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Hi everyone, it’s Perminder here, editor of @anysegment magazine

I thought I'd repost my post on Instagram, on here. For those that aren't aware, we run in support of emerging artists and charity. Follow us on Instagram to let us know how you like our upcoming feed! :)


New post, after a long time.

Truth is, I needed to take a break. Life can be messy and complicated where we have all faced new challenges.

Last year I experienced the passing of a loved one, which I found extremely difficult to go through, let alone speak about. I often wondered how long it would take before I could move forward. Sometimes I would feel endlessly cheated and life would play out in cyclical loops. But then I would come back to reality and discover that life is not just about staying deeply rooted in things we understand, but also feeling comfortable with the unknown and not having an answer for everything. It was an incredibly challenging thing for me to do, however realising my feelings and learning to be at peace with them by supporting those who had experienced similar losses in life allowed me to see that we are not above nature, but intertwined within it.

Making an effort to visit galleries and simply absorbing art constantly was also something that helped me enormously. It was at this point when I realised that art can do so much for someone where I had in fact created a whole platform in which so many talented artists, writers and photographers alike who deserve deeper recognition can use it to express who they are and what they believe in through their art. It was the exact place I needed to be in to digest massive amounts of inspiration from those whom I had worked with.

Planting all this in my brain helped me to see the Rubik’s cube that lay in my mind for so long, that I thought needed to be understood, sorted and aligned, back to the way it was preset. Instead, I let the idea of the cube go which enabled a rainbow of colour to emerge and I felt undeniably free.


So with that being said, @anysegment 's posts will now be back on your Instagram feed, revealing new and upcoming artists and all their wonderful, uplifting and mind provoking work that you should be aware of; where we will be referring back to the second issue and everything that made it up as well as pushing ahead with the third issue.

Join us!


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