Autistic? Free event: How to FEEL WORTHY and GET UNSTUCK after late-identifying autistic - open for details:

Who is this for?

• you are autistic (self diagnosis valid)

• you are a creative thinker, tend to question received knowledge, like to go deep

• you don't feel seen by the pathology paradigm or media messaging around what it means to be autistic

• you are anti-racist, LGBTQ+ /ally, believe all bodies are good bodies, and value connection and community

• You feel frustrated with not feeling fully seen, appreciated, understood in all your differences

• You feel stuck in at least one area of your life

• You know you are over-adapting, masking, hiding; it doesn't feel good, but you don't know how to stop

• You are ready to create change in your life - you just need to know a HOW that will actually work for you.

Thats you? Let's go!

All the info:
Feel free to DM for questions <3


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