Autumn/Winter Street Style Portrait / Lifestyle Shoots in London for TFP

Hey there I’m searching for a handful of new & enthusiasts/hobbyist models interested on doing TFP (Trade for Print) shoots in London that are looking to build a breadth of images for their Portfolio to Influencers who want to cheekily get some solid imagery in London.

In terms of styling:
Street & Glamour styling is the focus but I am happy to break out a little - its mostly about expressing your individualistic style.

Please have a look through my portfolio at to get an idea of how I photograph people and retouch my Portrait work as I only remove minor skin blemishes like spots & cuts - No removal/smoothing of pores, skin tags, etc or transforming your structure.

The final outcome may vary from 80-120 edited images, depending on each shoot,
You can use wherever and however you want! Profile Picture, Portfolio, Billboards, Landing a New Roles, etc!

If this interests you; contact me here on the dots


  • I would love to do this here is a link to my spotlight cv if you would like to have a look I have worked with companies like bbc on short films brands such as Nike and New York Times in many other projects and would love to be involved
    My Instagram account is Marvellousai I have over 17k followers you can also view the things I have done on their hope to here from you soon . I am also a writer I have previously published a few books and written for a few magazines . Aswell as an actress and singer
  • :)

  • Hi Metty, I’d be interested in collaborating, im a London based model also looking to build up my portfolio

    Here’s my Instagram

    Or connect and message me on here

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