Building my design website portfolio, would like to get some feedback -

Gustė Vasiliauskaitė Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Designer
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  • Alfons Valls Art Director
    Interesting stuff in here. I like the retro look of the site. On project pages I would put the description (+role) upfront and images after, I think it would flow better. I personally would align left and not justify text. Also if you combine two different fonts (one for headers and one for body text) you will give it a more editorial premium look. With regards the actual content I reckon it's strong and cohesive. Perhaps only the photography content feels a bit off from the rest. Overall, very nice, keep up the good work.
  • Geoffrey Bunting Writer & Book Designer
    You’re a second year student so the state of your website is pretty good considering. I always suggest to student that you focus less on presenting your site as a piece of design in itself and focus on the work itself. Simple and clean. You want to sort out the text layout, for sure, if you’re going to justify do it well, otherwise, especially in a digital space, you can just range it left. You might consider not telling everyone you’re a student. If you’re looking for freelance work, you’re better off presenting yourself as a professional rather than a student, especially as mor clients look for cheap designers to take advantage of.
  • Mariam Darchiashvili Graphic Designer
    Great design. And I do agree with the previous comment, that it could benefit your work to have a slightly thinner stroke in the frames. Also, I would suggest fixing a margin on top of the page, where you name is in the box. :)
  • John Vine Design Manager
    Great work Guste, I really like some of the artwork in the gallery, fabulous! Personally I feel your work is strong enough not to have a relatively thick stroke around everything but that's just my own preference