Can I get some feedback on my portfolio, please? I'm struggling to find work at the moment and would like advice on how to improve!

My Website can be seen here:


  • Also. It's not obvious how to contact you. That needs to be easy to find. or, to be honest, people will just move on.
  • I think it's okay. A bit too much clicking is needed though. I think it tries to be all things to all men, which is unconvincing. I'd trim it down.
  • Hey Ryley, had a look at your website, I think you're nice with it, your photography is distinctive and crisp, I like that you have both personal and commercial projects together on the website and it seems like you're about this photography life.

    My gripes would be that while the content on there is great, the layout and composition of how you've layed everything out is messy; having the menu on the homepage on the left hand side the way it is looks untidy as it's overlapping with your content, I'd suggest creating a menu bar at the top of the page with all the categories there so it doesn't overlap your content. Perhaps organise your pictures so individual models have their own set of pictures in sideshows too.

    It's tough right now in the creative industry, we just have to keep grinding away, sorry to hear about you struggling for work, hopefully next year things pick up again.

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