Can we please add a mandatory salary/budget section to the "I'm Hiring" questions?

There are way too many companies and independents trying to take advantage on this platform, especially of young and inexperienced creatives. Can we please get something that forces those looking for people to work with/for them to add a budget or salary to their questions, and greater policing of those kinds of posts to makes sure people aren't erroneously posting in other categories to get round it? It's getting a bit out of hand and only helping employers maintain exploitative practices.


  • I've had to hold my tongue a few times in this section of the site and stop myself from asking if people are getting paid for the work they're being asked to do.

    A salary field and an option to report members who don't fulfil those payment obligations would be a good move forwards, and means younger or less experienced creatives won't be exploited.

    It might bring down the site's metrics a little, having to boot out people who aren't paying their contributors, but who wants freeloaders hanging around anyway?
  • @Geoffrey Bunting I couldn't agree more, I have suggested in previous feedback questionnares that flairs need to be added to questions eg 'paid', 'collaboration' etc, or have seperate categories altogether. There have been far too many times where I have connected with someone via their question only to find the project (which is often a substantial amount of work) is unpaid. Mandatory flairs/salaries would stop disingenuous companies/individuals trying to take advantage of creatives and save everyone involved a lot of time!
  • @Marco Beyermann It's an industry-wide issue, in which so many job descriptions hide their salary - because they know it's not enough. If people want to collaborate, that's great, but there are way too many people masking jobs as collaborations and putting out "opportunities" that obviously don't have budget.
  • @Geoffrey Bunting
    this would be great. I've been noticing an urge of collabs/low paid post on the platform. I didn't get as many on my feeding when I first started using the dots. Maybe it has to do with this.

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