celebrating women and gender-expansive folk

Womanhood is being a two-headed calf on a perfect summer evening.
Whether you’re cis or trans, there’s always somebody trying to define your womanhood. Almost desperate to label you with their terms just so they can strip it away and defile it.
We will not listen to your false prophecy.
We will not hear your false promises when our mothers and daughters and aunties and sisters give us the world.
We will not face up to a jury who has vilified us from birth when we are the ones who birthed you.
What we will do is celebrate the magic that is womanhood.
Seeing twice as many stars across a polluted sky. Sustaining life in our very bodies or nurturing those around us. Always breathing life into existence in whichever form it may be. Creating art through merely existing.
Building homes and feeding souls. Conquering battles and building empires. There is a woman from all walks of life. Whatever her body vessel, skin colour, class, work, sexuality, lifestyle may be: she is magic.
There is a woman in your life and she is made of magic.
If you don’t believe me just look into her eyes.
Women’s day. Every day.


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