Creatives: what are the biggest challenges you have when it comes to networking on and offline?


  • At IRL events it can hard to know who you should try to network with in advance. That's something we try to make easier with the way we've designed Events on The Dots. With each indiviudal event we show you a list of people who are planning to attend. We should you a notification before and after the event to try to connect the dots between you and people you should get to know better. :)
  • Finding the best way to present your work when it's spread over multiple disciplines and various mediums. Approaching people without feeling like you're spamming them which leads you to maybe not make connections.
  • Like all creatives, it's hard to find the right connections one needs for their practice to devolpe and prosper. As professional photographer, I've found that the best way for creative photographers to get themselves noticed is to find, execute and produce engaging, interesting, thought-provoking self-intitated projects. Read, watch, talk to new people, etc, with the notion of looking for ideas which might create something visually simulation from your observations. Once armed with a body or bodies of work, you'll then feel more confident in approaching / networking with others would might be able to futher your photography. It's not easy, as we know, and the market is getting (or is already) tough, but it's not impossible.
  • Online: IT issues hahaha you don't know who really is behind the keyboard

    Offline: I try my best to attend at least 2/3 events a month sometimes I just can't seem to connect with random people unless they have pets or start chatting about them haha
  • Offline: Actually making it a priority to go out and network instead of having my nose buried deep in creative work (which is far more fun). Online and offline: finding the kind of networking groups that excite or interest me enough to want to engage and interact.

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