Currently looking for new career opportunities in Sound and Composition!

If you know of any positions opening up or people you think that I should get in touch with, please - let me know!


  • HI! With regards to opportunities at a glasnce you can always try composers site, other then that you would need to network more then you compose sometimes (i know, this can take a lot out of a person!). Other then that, as the great Stravinsky once said- just keep writing.
  • It's a shame the-dots is so visuocentric. I wish there was a bit more attention paid on the sonic realm. It would be cool if there were more features that allow visual and other creatives to connect with specialist sound artists and designers as I believe this seems to be a blind spot in the industry yet one of the most important. Even something kitschy like a tinder-style match feature for video makers and content producers to find composers that best match their upcoming project would be neat I think.

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