Currently think i'm in a quarter life crisis, have no job & don't know what area to look for my next role in, advice needed please!!

My past jobs have laid in marketing & advertising, Studio Assistant, e-Commerce Executive & Customer Service, all roles have been short-term fixed contracts, i'm looking for something perm


  • Hi, Gillian,

    We all go through quarter-life crises. Here are a few things to consider:

    Know your current situation and what you want from a job today v. before. Do you need more money, benefits, or flexibility? Knowing the answer to this question is key to long-term happiness and success.

    What type of culture do you need to thrive and grow? Do you like fast-paced, high energy environments? Or something more relaxed?

    You can also take a career assessment to help you figure out your strengths and passions, which may help you figure out what to do next. Here are links to two:

    Gallup StrengthsFinder

    Free Career Test
  • Hi Gillian,
    I totally hear you there and be mindful that the current situation is adding an extra layer of pressure.
    I absolutely agree with @Latoya Kessie and I would add a third question: to what extent money makes you happy. This might look like an obvious question but in my experience very well paid jobs made me miserable, whilst working for almost nothing was also frustrating. So being clear about the role that money has in your life will definitely help you better navigate your working path.
    I am aware that in current times you are probably more worried about stability but I would encourage seeing this as an opportunity to regain focus. And please bear in mind that you are not alone on this one.
    Hope this helps!
  • Hey Gilian
    I know about the quater-life crisis as I have been there! Expecting to be a self-made millionaire before 25 but life shows you differently. I think the main thing that COVID-19 has shown people is what they are truly passionate about. I would personally write a list of things I like and also the things that I am good at and check to see that they match. Once you have these, you can look into the industry and progression after the year. I know times are hard but do not look for a job for money. Look for a job that naturally suits your personality and suceeding will be a breeze. I hope this helps x
  • Hello Gillian,

    Happy to share some thoughts to get things move. Feel free to drop a message on

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