Designers: Is Affinity Suite considered industry standard?

Most if not all graphic design job descriptions ask you to be proficient in Adobe suite, particularly Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator

With affinity take Photo for example you can import and export PSD files

Would this have an effect on an application, from an employer's perspective?


  • @Sandrine Bascouert I was having my freelancer hat on! Sorry, my detailled answer was missing the point! 🤦‍♀️
    I think that in the context of being an employee, you need to know what THEY are using. Because you'll have to follow their workflow, there could be communication taking place over CC (comments and revision) and using any other think than CC would cut you off of the rest of the team. Plus, if you are asked to follow certain procedures/templates, it could be a massive problem. It's not all about you can do on the creative side (That doesn't really relate to the software you're using) but integrate with a team that already have processes in place, thus having to use the same tools.
  • I have both, I bought the affinity suite when I wasn't really offering graphic design service and thought it wouldn't be financially viable for me to pay £50 per month to have fun :) (that was a while ago)
    So I started my illustration/GD journey on Affinity, I took the odd job creating icons and such where the deliverable was either .svg (game assets) or .eps and nobody ever bat an eyelid. But I was upfront on not being able to provide .ai files. Now I have the full Adobe suite and still use Affinity publisher occasionnaly, because I don't do layout much and I am still more comfortable with it than InDesign.

    I rarely design anything with designer these days but I do have a couple of clients who require the affinity suite because that's what they are using at the office. So that can be an asset to know how to use it (although the client pool is admitely limited).

    On the other hand, in my capacity as a photo-retoucher, I wouldn't think of using anything else than Adobe Photoshop, meaning that even when I was on a limited budget, I still had a Photography plan subscription (£10 a month). And I have been more than once asked to share the .psd files (Since I was working with photographers)

    In short, it really depends on what the deliverable will be. I found that for some vector projects you can easily get away with sending .eps and .svg (or .pdfs) while for photoshop my experience is the opposite.

    To state that they are industry standard would be very far-fetched... but on the other hand, in some cases, nobody has to know... (and nobosy will see)

  • @christopher conway Scale does matter, if you have global stakeholders you need a process that work at that scale, it's intersting to see that project sharing throught the cloud is one of the main upgrades of Davinci Resolve 18.

    I work with mid market brands that has few stake holders in the process, and generally I subcontract most of my editing having done the first one to act as part of the specification for my editors.

    Whist it may be the wrong metaphore - (possibly in fact rather than sentiment as far as software choice is concerned) to quote Gilbert and Sullivan 'let the punishment fit the crime' !

  • @Gavin Kemp Yes I have been using Davinci Resolve Studio (free version also available with just a few pro features turned off) for over 4 years and find it more superior to Premiere in many ways. I don’t use Capture One as I have a Creative Cloud license (not worth the additional cost for me). I think it should not be an individual option but what is best for the project and team for collaborative purposes (while maintaining quality, where you may want to argue for a particular software).
  • I think the Adobe products are the widest used, however there are some very good alternatives to Adobe that many prefer. When Capture One is compared to Lightroom, and Davinci Resolve Studio (the paid for version) is compared to Premiere Pro there are some very good alternatives available.

    Whilst you can argue Adobe have market dominance, I'm not convinced they are industry standard in all sectors. As someone who uses Capture One and Davinci Resolve Studio asking if I need an Adobe subscription is actually a very good question.

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