Do social media managers work on commission?

Hi everyone. I want to collaborate with a digital marketer / social media manager to promote my services and digital products. I am a freelancer and running on a low budget. So I would like to pay commissions from the overall profit rather than a fixed salary. But I'm not sure if this is a common practice in this field.

Any insights?


  • @Merve Goulding that's good! you can negotiate for a comfortable % of your choice. hopefully it works out :D. Good Luck x
  • Not really, it's hard to because social media is more of a lead generation. But sometimes, if you feel like you would make sales, let's say you are doing paid ads then yeah there is sales, so maybe. It all depends on you tbh
  • @Gavin Kemp thanks for your reply Gavin. The pricing should definitely be fair in any case so they can be motivated to do the work I need. Actually, that's why I came up with the commission idea. My initial plan was raising the commission percentage on pre-defined success-based milestones. But it seems like it may not be as motivational as I thought to start with.
  • Whilst I have not checked, my understanding is that even comission based employees have to recieve the minimum wage and if comission does not give them that the employer has to make that up.

    It would need some thinking through but a piece work arrangement would at least give you a level of performance - you would still have to pay minimum wage. This would need some careful thinking to be both effective and fair.
  • From my experience, it's not. Because all social media managers know that even though they do everything great, algorithm might not promote the content in that specific time. It's not worth the risk.

    What you can do as a person running on a low budget, you can find hourly freelancers so the amount of time they work would be set.

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