Do you feel stuck in your carrier? I've joined "How to find the mentor" by the - Dot on Monday. @Pip Jamieson talked about the coach.

I highly recommend my coach Vicky. She is in the creative industry. ( That really helps! )
She is a warm and engaging and clear, Truly great coach.

Lastly, Anyone looking to join the Cube? please DM me.

Have a lovely day!


  • @Pip Jamieson Hello, Would you mind to give us some more information about oprating Cube? I know you have mentioned things like a "No advice" and "No Competitor", meeting regulare bases etc.
    Many thanks in advance!
  • Any men (18-44), interested in joining our Men's Cube?

    Our group has been facilitating safe spaces for men in creative and professional industries, encouraging open communication - to share our experiences and, importantly, to be heard - in the process, building a strong community of support for each other.

    It is a space to learn more about ourselves, and to ground ourselves in whatever journey's we might individually be experiencing. There is no pressure to join or to share, I'd simply love to extend an invitation.

    If you would love to join our next Men's Circle, please email to receive the sign -up link to this week's call.
    Looking forward to hearing from you, and I trust all is well with you.

    Peace & Love,
  • @Pip Jamieson wow. Thanks a lot. Might be exactly what I need to watch now. :)
  • @Neo Dragoslavic if you're interested in learning more about how a peer to peer support cubes work, you can watch the recording of my recent talk here: :-)
  • @Neo Dragoslavic Thank you! A cube is a supporting group ( same industry but not competitor) that meet regularly to listen to each other about what's happening in your carrier or business apparently personal life also. Obviously confidential and you don't give advice. just listen. I've learned recently with the webinar by @Pip Jamieson
  • Hi Ikuko!
    What a lovely way to put your intention on people who feel stuck in their carrier. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am new to the dots, what is the cube? :)

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