Do you want to be part of our I WISH I MADE series?

We're opening our I WISH I MADE series to collaborators in the weeks ahead. So, if you're a professional in the creative industries, have a commercial you admire or have always been inspired by then drop us a line here or email

You check out the start of the series here:

Discover more about our channel:

And about the wider passion project through our website:


  • I would love to be part of this. Years ago there was a commercial that made me cry every time I watched it. I was a student back then, I told my flatmates, who laughed at me. About two days later it came on the TV in the moring and all three of us ended up crying into our cornflakes. . . .the real question is, is the advert that good? Or were we pathetic romantics!?!
  • It was wonderful having @Dario Attanasio and Dom contribute to this series. And they nailed it. Check it out:
  • Great to add @Brad Williams to the series. Looking forward to more Dots folk joining him -
  • @Ucman Balaban You know you're more than welcome to contribute too, bud. Just drop me a line :) Hope you're keeping well!
  • Hi,

    I am a Creative Expert Movement Choreographer and 'yes' I am interested in your channel.
    My profile details:-

    I will also check out the start of the series.

    Best Regards

  • @Brad Williams Nice one, Brad. Would love a sound professional's choice in the mix. Have a think and drop me an email with what you'd like to declare your love for.
  • @Cortney Stowers Sure! The idea is to say everything within the confines of the spot itself, so you could talk about the whole campaign within the runtime of your favourite in the series? Kinda like I did with the Levi's Flat Eric campaign.
  • Hi there, I am very interested in this - does it have to be a commercial or could it be a campaign?

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