Does anybody have a Shoreditch/ Soho House membership?

If so, how do you find it as a workspace? I understand it's a great place to take clients for meetings/ drinks, or as a meeting point. But if I wanted to get membership to use the space as a workspace one day a week, would it work? Does anyone have any experiences there?


  • of course, it's a very nice space. it's actually stunning, considering that you could integrate your membership with the rooftop bar with pool. but it's really expensive. I was lucky enough to have the start-up I was working for paying for my desk.

    as for networking, it all depends on what kind of connections you are looking for. Idk at the moment which kind of companies are there, but I'd suggest to check them out somewhere - or go and spend one day around. I think that that is possible (even if you just inquire and ask to have a view around).

    if you want a cheap alternative - less effective for networking, but still a good new approach to working outside from home - you could check
    with the following referral link you should get a month free trial instead of 14 days:

    it's something quite new to me too, but I tried it recently and it seems to work fine. basically, you pay a small fee (£20) monthly, and you can book hot desks in hotels and bars in London. nothing that you couldn't do by yourself. but the perks are: 1. you don't feel embarrassed if you don't ask for a coffee every 2 hours - your desk is booked and it's yours to use; 2. in some places you get discounts on food and drinks; 3. in some locations you can book rooms to have meetings with your clients; 4. in all locations there is a fast wifi hub installed by andco.

    as for networking, I will add that through the app you can check if other andco users have booked a space on the day - so it's virtually even easier to approach someone and have a nice chat.

    hope this helps.
  • I have been there working for three months back in 2016. What would you like to know?

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