Does anyone have any suggestions on free and easy websites that can I can use as my portfolio


  • @Stefania Xytakis (Nia) thank you so much for this detailed information! I've heard about WordPress before but have not really explored much. I will definitely have a go and to try it out!😊
  • They're not free but pretty cheap, I used Squarespace for awhile and it's super easy to use. I recently switched to Wordpress which has more of a learning curve but I like it a lot now. There's tons of Youtube videos on how to use the free version of Wordpress or you can use Wordpress Pro, which does have a yearly fee. The fees are used to meet you halfway, I don't have to worry about updating the software platform myself and setting up the SEO's completely on my own. With the Pro plan, I can reach out to Wordpress Support for help if I need to, which has been really crucial.

    For me, that's a good balance because the totally free stuff requires you to start from ground zero with everything and it's pretty pricey to pay someone to help with your website.
  • @Edward Penna thank you so much for your suggestions! I do use Adobe suite and I am currently using Abode Spark to create my portfolio but this programme was provided from my university. But after I graduate I don't think I will be able to use it anymore😔 so I am looking for some free and easy websites I can use to create my portfolio.

    I've not heard of webflow but I will give it a try! Thank you so much! 😉
  • If you're someone that uses the Adobe suite you can get an 'Adobe Portfolio' for free!

    Webflow is also free to use, I'm not sure about many other website builders unfortunately.

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