Does anyone have experience creating a podcast in either video/audio form?

Working on a book and a related podcast but a little overwhelmed with the options from a technical standpoint.


  • Hello - I'm the co-host of a podcast called 'squiggly careers' and we're now at about 106 episodes and have had around 250k downloads (and have just released our first book also called The Squiggly Career). We use audacity to record our podcast (there's 2 of us so we connect over skype). We don't do our own editing - Pixiu help us with that (and they are real podcast experts) but obviously that means you have to invest some cash. One of our friends wrote a really really brilliant piece on how to start a podcast which you can find here (and includes all the details you'll need on tech): Feel free to DM me if I can help further - good luck. Sarah x
  • We produce podcast for our number of our clients - professional podcasters and YouTube creators. These are both video and audio format podcasts.

    By all means drop me a line if you want some more advice.
  • Hi Asher,
    I've been working on a radio station for a while last year and I've made a couple of podcasts. The people I've worked with were really nice and I think we could help you with your questions! Contact me if you're interested

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