Does anyone know a good way to compress large GIF files (30-100+Mb) into smaller ones (around 10mb if not smaller) without losing quality?

I want to compromise as little quality/size as possible. I may need to show you what I mean but I have enough examples.


  • Thanks Meli, will look into using After Effects and Media Encoder more.

    Thank you Rezaul for confirming my suspicions...I think GIF format can't really cope with what I'm aiming to do, though I intially liked the endless looping capabilities and custom dimensions. I have used mp4 files for instagram (they don't allow GIFs), so its probably best I go forward using video animation as you said.

    My next challenge for now then is to showcase what I've made so far online. Is there a way for an online video player (youtube,vimeo...etc) to play files in the exact same dimensions/aspect ratio (i.e without the black bars)? A lot of my gifs are displayed in 4:5 and 1:1 on my website, and they load relatively slowly...

    Thanks again for your help
  • hmm, if its for a large screen, doing a GIF as the medium is not the ideal format. To give you some context, a GIF set at 1920 x1080px is already too large, and that is standard HD resolution. Your better of outputing an acutal video animation, if its intended use is for a large screen output.

    Most of the tools you need is in the Adobe set, photoshop allowing you to export looping gifs. After effects and media encoder to outputing your gifs to any video format.
  • Agreed with the comments below re reducing the colour. Also reduce the pixel size of the whole gif, and then if that doens't work you'll need to lessen the amount of frames in the gif. So in photoshop, cut the timeline down.

    A combination of all those things will get it down!
  • Hi Rezaul,

    I want to maintain the colours and sizes I have to the best of my ability. I do reduce both to a certain extent, but up to a point it becomes too much. One of my goals is to have them on large screens/projections to showcase... However i'm new to the technical side. Would buying a compressor program be worth it?
  • Hey Ben,

    usually gif file size are dependednt on the amount of colours you got on the image and ofcourse the actaull size. If you reduce the amount of colour and size to an optimum level, you should be able to get it smaller.

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