Does anyone remember or know of any ATL brand campaigns where the employees are the voice of the brand marketing/ambassadors


  • Hi Selicia
    A couple of years back I created a marketing campaign for a chain of shopping centres across the UK who held an annual "Beauty Week" to boost footfall to retailers within their centres who operate in the health and beauty space.
    We created a campaign based on input and interviews with the staff of those retailers.
    You can see the details of the project here:

    I hope you find it interesting...let me know if you want to chat about it or see anything more.
  • Hey Daniel,
    Thanks so much for responding to me, it would be great to see these. I'm researching campaigns that have real stories as the focus.

    Thanks again
  • Hey Selicia -- Back in another life I co-lead the Ameriprise account at R/GA. We gave them a new brand positioning we called "More Within Reach." One of the first ATL brand campaigns we did to deliver on that featured a number of the companies financial advisors sharing their stories.

    That was nearly 10 years ago though so they're all a bit hard to find now. If you're interested maybe we could connect and I could DM you a link and password to one of the videos.

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