Does anyone wanna collaborate? Amateur is fine. Some of my (pending) projects: Hybrid Game, Music Beats & Writing. Please read my profile.

Please read my about me description. I'm looking for Voice Actors, Actors, Writers, Artists, Story Suggestions, Rappers, Singers, Songwriters, Readers, Game Testers, Comedians, Cartoonists etc. No deadlines. Credit. Volunteer and/or Barter based.
  • Musician
  • Voice Over Actor
  • Writer


  • Not sure what you are doing. I am a Christian promoter of a small groups model as an alternative culture. I have written several books and produced some 70+ videos. I can generate unlimited story ideas but if what you are doing is not linked to what I am doing I doubt collaboration is possible but since I am here thought I would see how Dots works.

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