Done or Perfect

IS DONE really better than PERFECT?

I know the marketing Jedi that is Seth Goddin would have us all think so but I still have my doubts.

As someone who has been writing a blog on a typewriter recently, I still feel it difficult to come to terms with my shortcomings as a writer (I can't spell for toffee and my grammar is often in the same league). While I post the images of the blog to my site I am still often very self-conscious about them.

Now, let me be clear, I really do just write for myself. The old adage 'write it like no one will read it' is not only a well useful phrase to push past any writer's block but also very accurate. I am near certain that, for me, it doesn't matter.

So I can get the blog DONE. But would it be better if I spent a week or so fretting over it?


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